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Cathy and Kara are your first contact on the phone. They can provide information about the counsellors, payment options and schedules. They will book appointments, reschedule appointments and take messages for the counsellors.

We believe that a friendly voice at the end of the phone is much preferable to an answering machine when you are looking for help. Phones are answered from 9 am until noon on weekdays. Calls are returned later that day or the following business morning.

They can also assist you with any other business inquiries or concerns related to our counsellors and our office.

Deborah Marshall M.A., R.C.C.

Change and growth do not have to be painful. I always support reconnection with things positive and healing, and to the possibilities of developing new resources. Since beginning in private practice in 1988, I have made many shifts in my understanding about what allows people to make the changes they want in their lives. As people find their way, I have often observed how their best selves begin to come forward to support them through painful and confusing circumstances. When this happens, things become clear and change is more possible.

From my original specialty in Family Therapy, I have come to treating the after-effects of trauma. Training in EMDR in 1996 opened my awareness to new possibilities of change. Intensive training in Self Regulation Therapy began a journey in the Somatic Therapies. Clients often tell me that they are relieved to discover that they can leave my office feeling better even after they have dealt with difficult issues.

More recently I added Brainwave Optimization to my practice in the BrainWise Neural Integration program. A highly technical EEG based process, it helps to auto-calibrate brainwave activity and allow a return to balance and harmony. Working intensively with this program since early 2010 I was again able to support people initiate health, in this case generated by changes made by their own brain. A highly skilled technologist now manages the program, enabling me to return to my practice clients in the office and at Generation Farms.

People with trauma, depression, anxiety, loss, burnout, adjustment to disability and brain injury are all in my area of expertise. I continue to see clients, work with organizations and support my colleagues in our group practice. Years of Employee Assistance Programs and workplace interventions have provided experience in working with organizations.

Enjoying a lifelong interest in horses and the outdoors, in 2000 I began to explore ways of working with people and horses together for healing. Change through connection and mindfulness comes naturally with this approach. After dedicating three years to the BrainWise Neural Integration Centre at Marshall and Associates, I again spend much of my professional time at Generation Farms. Only minutes from the Bowen Road office, it is a haven of quiet and natural beauty. In addition to seeing clients, here we also offer a group program for residents of Cedars Cobble Hill addiction treatment centre and train professionals in the field of Equine Facilitated Wellness. I see clients in both at the Bowen Road office and at Generation Farms.

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with BCACC, Certified in EMDR with EMDRIA, a member of EMDRAC and a Certified Trainer and Practitioner with the National Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness.

Joan Campbell B.N., M.Ed., R.C.C.

Life is about possibility and change.  Hope is the path that leads us there.

I have been counselling in private practice for over 20 years and can honestly say that I love my work even more now than when I began.  The enjoyment I experience from my work comes from witnessing courage in the face of adversity and internal strength as clients search for understanding, acceptance, healing and change.  Individuals bring a wide range of concerns into the counselling office.  In the context of a helping professional relationship, we explore emotions, perceptions, solutions and ideas with the goal of developing self-empowerment, building capacity, and creating positive change.  Our work together is often blended with moments of lightheartedness and humor.

If problems were easy to solve, people wouldn't be spending time and energy to come and see me.  Some problems are very difficult and if I can help someone find hope in darkness, ease the pain of their emotional suffering, or learn new patterns of dealing with old situations then we are well on our way to finding solutions.

My undergraduate degree is in Nursing.  In 1990 I received my Masters Degree and have continued learning ever since.  I have studied to expand my knowledge in such areas as Brief / Solution-focused Therapy, Family Therapy, Grief and Loss and other relevant fields of counselling.  I am certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy), have completed my advanced level training in Self Regulation Therapy (SRT) and have completed my advanced level training in Self Regulation Therapy (SRT).

Kate Burns M.S.W., R.S.W.

Through more than 25 years in the field of social work – whether counselling individuals, facilitating groups and workshops, or teaching adults – I’ve learned that most people, even in the darkest times, hold within them a deep and abiding desire to move towards greater health and well-being. I’ve had the good fortune to journey with many as they’ve moved through significant and sometimes overwhelming life challenges. Repeatedly, I’ve seen how, in time, such challenges become the very things that lead toward discovering strengths and resources either previously unrecognized or not fully tapped. Through these processes I’ve had the privilege to witness people choose to grow more conscious, open-hearted, effective, and satisfying ways of being in the world. Changes that were started at the personal level have also extended into influencing the relationship, family, work, and community contexts in which they live.

Over many years and with the guidance of teachers and mentors I’ve developed a collaborative and relational approach which incorporates the use of active, or what’s sometimes called dynamic, mindfulness and includes a present moment and strength-based focus. By integrating experiential, sensory, and somatic practices along with drawing from my training in Hakomi (http://hakomiinstitute.com), Self-Regulation Therapy and creative pursuits, I offer a wide range of options to adults as they respond to relational, identity, personal development, life-transition or trauma-related challenges and opportunities.

In addition to meeting with clients in the office I’m also available to meet outdoors at Generation Farms where I include experiential, nature-based and Equine-Facilitated practices to support healing and growth. In this natural setting personal and relational resources can be developed and deepened.

While continuing to expand an inclusive and libratory approach within my practice I remain a life-long learner. I value natural systems as our primary teachers and am committed to the transformational powers held within the life-giving relationships we each have with ourselves, each other and the earth.

Kate Palmer, M.A., R.C.C

I have been working as a helping professional for 10 years, initially as a child and youth care worker and subsequently as a therapist. I feel very privileged to be able to share in the lives of the people with whom I work and am constantly inspired by the courage and strength that I witness clients demonstrating in the face of very difficult and painful situations. It is very exciting to accompany people on their journeys as they rediscover their strengths, skills, wisdom, and passions, ultimately taking charge of their lives in a way that enables them to make the changes they envision for themselves.

I work with different clients in different ways because I believe it is important to use approaches that compliment the unique strengths, interests, and expertise that each client brings to counselling as well as being appropriate for the issues and problems that are causing concern. Regardless of the approach, the foundation of my work is client and family centered and I believe that counselling needs to be a collaborative process in order for it to be successful.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Child and Youth Care in 2002 from Malaspina University-College (now called Vancouver Island University) and my Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology in 2006 from the University of Victoria. Upon completion of my MA, I worked with the Provincial Government on the Victoria Child and Youth Mental Health Team. I began my work on this team as a practicum student and continued on as a mental health therapist for another 3 years.

In addition to my degree course work, I have a certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and have taken additional training in attachment therapy, anxiety management, play therapy, art in therapy, suicide risk assessment, and grief and loss. The majority of my work has been with children, youth and families. I have worked with a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, behavioural problems, relationship issues, family conflict, substance misuse, loss and grief, self-harm, identity, and trauma. I have also worked with many parents regarding parent-child conflict, communication, family of origin issues, and attachment.

My family and I have returned to Nanaimo and I have decided to move into private practice so that I am able to continue working while remaining the primary caregiver for our young family.

Mary Dunstan M.A., R.C.C.

Mary lived graciously with cancer for ten years until her death in March 2013. She supported many clients at Marshall and Associates with skill and compassion. We miss her greatly. There is a maple tree planted on the Seawall in memory of Mary and her work at Marshall and Associates.

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